SOAS University of London

Non-disclosure agreements

Disclosure date: 7 February 2012

Reference: FOI2012/005 Disclosure - SOAS


Could you let us know how many non-disclosure agreements have been signed in the past 3 years by current or former staff in the following circumstances?

1) As part of a clause in a settlement with an employee who has brought a claim to the employment tribunal service, but has settled with the university before a full hearing.

2) To protect research confidentiality.

3) In voluntary severance, early retirement or retirement settlements.

4) In redundancy settlements.

5) In any other situation that might be determined a dispute with the university.

6) If the university has a policy on when and why it would use a NDA, it would be most appreciated if you could let us know what it is.


1) One.

2) None.

3) Voluntary severance settlements – 19.
Early retirement settlements – 9.

4) Not applicable.

5) Not applicable.

6) The School does not have such a policy.