SOAS University of London


Disclosure date: 13 November 2012

Reference: FOI2012/075


1) What proportion of your academic staff hold a PhD?

2) What proportion of academic staff in place 10 years ago held a PhD (if this information can be sourced within the appropriate time frame)?

3) What is your policy on minumum qualification levels for academic new hires and has this policy changed in the past 10 years?

4) Does your institution have any aim/commitment to increase the number of academic staff holding a doctorate? Please give any specific targets if they exist.


1) There are currently 282 Academic (Teaching & Research) staff employed at SOAS of which 9 do not hold a PhD (3.19%). Those who do not hold a PhD are either senior lawyers employed in the School’s Faculty of Law & Sciences, who were recruited many years previously when a PhD was not a requirement to be a Lecturer in Law, or are working to be awarded their PhD (see answer to Q3 below).

2) Information is not as readily available, but based on an analysis of the SOAS Calendar for 2002/3, there were approximately 250 academic staff at SOAS in that year. About 25 of these did not hold a PhD, so about 90% held a PhD 10 years ago.

3) The School’s policy regarding academic new hires is that it is expected that where an academic appointment is made without the successful candidate holding a PhD then the expectation is that they will complete their PhD within 6 months of appointment. So, initially, successful candidates without a PhD would be appointed as a Grade 7 Lecturer and when they complete their PhD they are moved to be a Grade 8 Lecturer.

4) See the School’s policy set out at question 3 above.