SOAS University of London

Plagiarism cases and regulations

Disclosure date: 19 September 2012

Reference: FOI2012/062


1.) Does your University/College have a policy on plagiarism? Please provide details of the policy.
2.) Does it apply to both academic staff and students?
3.) Can you provide figures for the last three academic years for the incidence of plagiarism by (a) students (b) academic staff
4.) On completion of a postgraduate thesis, do you have a policy for retaining a copy of the thesis within the University/College? Please provide details.  After submission, who owns the copyright – the author or the University/College?


1.) The School has a plagiarism statement for students which sets out its approach to plagiarism. It is published annually in student handbooks and on the SOAS website. The statement is available at on our website.

The School also has a Research Ethics Policy which sets out acceptable standards for research at SOAS and identifies plagiarism as a form of research misconduct. The policy is available on the SOAS website at

2.) The statement applies to students only. The Research Ethics Policy applies to anyone engaged in research whether staff or student.

3a.) 2009-10: 33
2010-11: 47
2011-12: 45

b.) There have been no cases of plagiarism by staff in the last three academic years.

4.) Copies of PhD theses are retained by the SOAS library permanently. Copies of other theses are routinely destroyed a year after the end of the academic year in which the thesis was assessed. The copyright is retained by the author.