SOAS University of London


Disclosure date: 22 August 2012

Reference: FOI2012/053


1. Have you hired or do you plan to hire any new staff members in relation to handling the impact element of the 2014 Research Excellence Framework? This might be, for example, people to research or write up case studies. If you have hired or will hire people, I would like to know how many, and what their salaries are/will be.

2. Is your institution or faculties/schools/departments within it imposing quality thresholds on research outputs to be submitted to the 2014 REF? If so, what are the thresholds? (e.g. publication in a journal with a certain impact factor, or work with a particular predicted grade point average in the REF star ratings).

3. Do you have an estimate of the total cost to your institution of complying with the 2014 REF? Do you have similar figures for the cost of compliance with the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise?

4. What is your standard or average fee paid to external examiners?


1. We have hired a REF Support Officer on a full-time contract from May 2012 to December 2013 to draft impact case studies. This is a grade 6 post; SOAS’ pay scales are available online here:

2. We will be applying a threshold for inclusion but the actual level has yet to be determined and therefore cannot be provided at this time.

3. We do not have an estimate of overall cost for the REF or the RAE. In both cases there has been a large amount of preparatory background work carried out by academics over the years that is uncostable.

4. The fees are: £200 for PhD examinations, and £150 for MPhil examinations.