SOAS University of London

Student disciplinaries

Disclosure date: 7 September 2012

Reference: FOI2012/057


1.) The length of time that formal disciplinary action against students is kept on record
a.) The total number of students disciplined each year for the past ten years
b.) The number of students formerly disciplined for drug related offences, for the period up to and including the last ten years?
c.) Total number of students who have been disciplined that are male in contrast to female
d.) How many were disciplined for aggressive behaviour

2.)The total number of students that have dropped out in each year for the past ten years
a.) How many cited reasons relating to depression

3.) Do you use contextual data when dealing with admissions?
a.) i.e. do you look at someone’s background as a judgement for how it could have impacted their grades

If you offer Halls of Residence:
4.) I wish to request a spread sheet detailing the prices for the past four years of your various halls of residence?


1.) In normal circumstances, the record of formal disciplinary action against students is retained for 6 years after the last action in a case.

a) Records of the number of students disciplined through the formal disciplinary procedure only exist for the last 7 years. The figures are as follows:

2004/05          4
2005/06          3
2006/07          1
2007/08          1
2008/09          1
2009/10          5
2010/11          1
2011/12          2

b) 1

c) This information is not available for all disciplined students given that identifiable information about disciplined students is usually destroyed after 6 years. However, where it is possible to tell, 4 of these disciplinaries involved female students, whilst 10 involved male students.

d) 5.

2. The number of withdrawals are as follows:

YearNumber of withdrawals
Grand total3094

Please note:

  • Although SOAS records a reason for withdrawal on the student record, it is not at the level of detail which you are seeking, so we will not be able to supply data for point 2a.
  • We have used HESA definitions for the academic session (1 Aug to 31 July each year).
  • All reasons for withdrawal are included: a student is considered to have dropped out even if they got to the end of the programme and failed.
  • Students who withdraw from a programme and subsequently return for a second attempt will be counted twice if they withdraw from both attempts

3.) We look at the complete application when making a decision, however we currently do not make any adjustment to entry requirements based on an individual’s background.

4.) The School does not own any halls of residence. Halls of residence used by SOAS students are owned by private companies and their details (including rent) can be found on their websites at and