SOAS University of London

Students from public schools

Disclosure date: 6 January 2012

Reference: FOI2012/001 Disclosure - SOAS


Please can you provide figures on the number of pupils offered a place (conditional or non-conditional) from each of the following six schools:

St Paul’s School
St Paul’s Girl’s School
Westminster School, London
Wycombe Abbey School, Bucks

Please can you give totals (number of offers) for each individual school for the last four academic years AND the number of offers made during the current admissions round (five consecutive years in total). (For clarification I am referring to the academic years 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.) 

I understand you will not have processed all offers for the current admissions round. Therefore, please can I have figures for the offers made up to, and including, January 4 2012. In addition, please can you supply me with the total number of offers made in each of the five academic years (up to January 4 for the current round).


St Paul's School22101
St Paul's Girl's School31112
Westminster School, London10*2551
Wycombe Abbey School, Bucks12314
Total number of offers2710226823842464864

NB: the figures provided here are for the number of offers made, as requested. On occasion, more than one offer may be made to a pupil. This affects the figures marked with an asterisk in the above table. In 2008, 7 pupils at Westminster School received offers from SOAS; and in 2011, 5 pupils at Harrow received offers from SOAS.