SOAS University of London

Cases of anti-semitism

Disclosure date: 9 October 2013

Reference: FOI2013/088


1.) Since 2008 to the present, has the university received complaints from students or non-students about acts of anti-Semitism or any other form of anti-Jewish sentiment reputedly expressed by either the university's students, staff or non-students?

2.) Could details of these complaints, without names if necessary, be provided?

3.) Since 2008, have any complaints been made against staff members about either perceived anti-Semitism or a claimed bias in the teaching of courses about Israel and the Middle East? If so, could details be provided?

4.) How has the university responded to these allegations?


1.) On one occasion a complaint was received about anti-semitic remarks made on a social network site which were thought to have been made by a SOAS student. On investigation it turned out that the individual was not a SOAS student.

2.) Please see above.

3.) No information is held on this.

4.) Not applicable.