SOAS University of London

Contracts with G4S, Veolia or Eden Springs

Disclosure date: 13 September 2013

Reference: FOI2013/079


Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, I am writing to request information about any commercial relationship that the university may have with the following companies: - G4S - Veolia - Eden Springs Please inform me whether the university has any commercial relationship with any of the above companies. If any of the above companies provide a product or service to the university, has made a donation to the university in the past 5 years or a partnership arrangement with the university, please kindly inform me of the following details: - the type of commercial relationship - the nature of product or service provided - the value of any commercial transaction involved - if the relationship is to provide a service for a fixed period of time, the value of the contract and the expiry date.


SOAS has not had a commercial relationship with any of the listed companies in the last five years.