SOAS University of London

Ethical procurement

Disclosure date: 20 February 2014

Reference: FOI2013/140


This request has been sent to universities across the UK to collect data on university procurement practices in relation to the recent factory fires and collapses in Bangladesh.

Please answer the questions listed below in as much detail as possible.

Where the term 'garments' is used, please take this to include course wear, staff wear, sportswear, uniforms, clothing sold by the student union and any other garments that you hold data for. If you do not hold data on any of these categories, please send all data you do hold on the others.

Also, if procurement is so decentralised at your institution that you do not know the companies that you have purchased from then please say this.

a) In the past three years that you have information for has School of Oriental and African Studies purchased any garments from the following companies:
i. Premier Clothing
ii. Dickies
iii. Matalan

b) I request any emails or briefings of School of Oriental and African Studies procurement or sustainability departments pertaining to labour rights violations or breaches of any university ethical, social responsibility or labour rights standards in procurement policies (or a general sustainability policy that covers this) that pertains to university supply chains potential or actual.

In particular any mention of the Rana Plaza factory collapse or Tazreen factories fire.

c) In the past year has School of Oriental and African Studies purchased garments from any on the compainies listed as signatories to the ACORD listed here:


a) We have no record of dealing with any of these organisations.

b) We have no such documentation.

c) No