SOAS University of London

IT contracts

Disclosure date: 20 June 2013

Reference: FOI2013/049


There are two worksheets within the attached spreadsheet, “Main Questions” and “Additional Questions”, which give a format for providing answers.  On each sheet there is an explanation/description of the type of information required in each field through an example.

Please use a new row for each of the ‘Contract Types’ in Column C that are applicable to your organisation.  Under “Contract Types” you will need to use the prescribed responses from the cell drop-down menu, as outlined on the spreadsheet.  If your organisation holds multiple contracts, for different technologies, please enter a new line with corresponding information in each field.

Main Questions (Worksheet1)
1) What is your full organisation name? (Column B free text)
2) Does your organisation hold any of the following contract types? (Column C drop down)

a) Please provide a description of the contract (Column D free text).
b) What version is the technology?
c) What is the main equipment type? (Column E drop down)
d) Who is the incumbent supplier? (Column F free text)
e) When was the contract start date? (Column G date format)
f) When is the contract end date? (Column H date format)
g) What is the contract value? (Column I number value)

Additional questions (Worksheet2):
10) What Microsoft agreement do you have? E.g. Enterprise Agreement (Column B free text)
11) Do you have software assurance? Yes/No (Column C drop down)
12) How many remote workers do you have? (Column D drop down)


Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request of 23 May 2013. I have attached an Excel workbook containing SOAS’s response as requested.