SOAS University of London

Management consultants, sexual harassment, asbestos, students withdrawals

Disclosure date: 12 February 2013

Reference: FOI2013/005


1) Total amount of money that the university spent on private management consultants/ private management consultancy agencies, in the Financial Year 2011/12

2) Total number of REPORTED cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape which are alleged to have happened on university-owned land or property in the year 2012

3) Is the university aware of the existence of any asbestos in any land or property which owned and/or managed by the university?

4) If answer to above is 'yes': How many student bedrooms are known or suspected to have asbestos in them (or in the surrounding walls, ceiling, etc)?

5) The total number of undergraduate students who dropped out of their degree before completing the course in the academic years 2011/12.


1) £227,328.03

2) 2 reports of sexual harassment

3) SOAS is aware of the existence of Asbestos Containing Materials in buildings owned by the university.

SOAS implements an effective ACM's management plan so that appropriate measures such as monitoring, encapsulation, sealing, labelling, inspection or removal of the material are undertaken.

The SOAS Asbestos Policy conforms to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

4) SOAS does not own any student accommodation.

5) 132 undergraduate students withdrew from their degree in 2011/12. Please note that this figure includes students who got to the end of their degree programme and failed.