SOAS University of London

Marketing expenditure

Disclosure date: 26 September 2013

Reference: FOI2013/080


1.) I would like to know how much the university has spent on marketing each year between 2008-13.

2.) For each year I would like to know how many of the university's employees' jobs are primarily marketing-related.

Could "marketing" please be defined as the following activities:

  • developing and implementing SOAS’ Marketing Business Plan to support the delivery of the School’s vision and strategy
  • managing the School’s reputation and visual identity
  • using market intelligence and research to identify new markets and programmes
  • producing corporate publications ranging from the Annual Review and Financial Statements, prospectuses to business cards
  • advertising and promoting degree programmes, courses and events
  • supplying SOAS merchandise and stationery?

And could "employees whose jobs are primarily marketing-related" defined as employees belonging to SOAS's Marketing Department?


1.) Following your request, you kindly clarified what you intended by the term “marketing”. The following figures are based on the activities you listed, however, please note that the breadth of activities undertaken by the Marketing team changed across the period 2008-13 and it is therefore very difficult to extrapolate the costs of the activities you mentioned consistently. It is also difficult to separate out “marketing” activities from other activities that staff might be involved in. For example, these figures will include significant costs relating to internal communication activities, together with IT expenditure such as computers and telephones used to support marketing and internal communications activities. In line with your clarification, these figures also include staff costs. Please bear this in mind when comparing these figures to figures released by other institutions.

2008-09         £795,094
2009-10         £875,549
2010-11         £1,150,284
2011-12         £1,023,165
2012-13         £1,230,350 (estimated)


2008-09         6
2009-10         6
2010-11         9 (7 Full Time Equivalent (FTE))
2011-12         9 (8 FTE)
2012-13         10 (8 FTE)