SOAS University of London

MSc Development Studies

Disclosure date: 8 April 2013

Reference: FOI2013/026


I have an offer from SOAS for the MSc Development Studies course, commencing September 2013. One of the factors in making my decision on where to go is the geographic and age distribution of the students doing the course. Would it be possible to let me know the breakdown for the current academic year for this course –nationalities, age range etc?


The most reliable indicator of geographic distribution for this course is country of domicile (nationality isn’t always known). To prevent individuals from being associated with the data, specific percentages lower than 5% have not been given, but this should give you an impression. A breakdown by age follows below.

Country of domicile

ANGOLA                                                             Less than 5%
BANGLADESH                                                      Less than 5%
CANADA                                                             Less than 5%
CHINA (PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF)                           Less than 5%
DENMARK                                                           Less than 5%
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                        Less than 5%
EGYPT (UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC)                        Less than 5%
ENGLAND                                                           35% to 40%
FRANCE                                                              Less than 5%
GERMANY, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF                       Less than 5%
INDIA                                                                5% to 10%
IRELAND (REPUBLIC OF)                                     Less than 5%
ITALY                                                                Less than 5%
JAPAN                                                               5% to 10%
KENYA                                                               Less than 5%
KOREA SOUTH                                                   5% to 10%
KUWAIT                                                             Less than 5%
LUXEMBOURG                                                     Less than 5%
MEXICO                                                              Less than 5%
PAKISTAN                                                          Less than 5%
SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC                                      Less than 5%
TAIWAN                                                             Less than 5%
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO                                     Less than 5%
TURKEY                                                              Less than 5%
UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)                            Less than 5%
USA                                                                     10% to 15%
ZIMBABWE                                                           Less than 5%


21-25                                 56%
26-30                                 34%
31-35                                   7%
36-40                                   0%
41-45                                   3%