SOAS University of London

Network Visibility

Disclosure date: 6 December 2013

Reference: FOI2013/120


1) Which of the following network management tools do you use to manage and monitor devices on your network?

2) How many devices on your network (wired and wireless) does this tool manage and monitor?

3) Approximately how many new devices have connected to your network so far during2013?  If possible, can you split by wired and wireless devices?*

4) How many complaints has your organisation received or logged regarding an issue with the network performance during 2013 so far?

5) If you have a network management solution in place, is it able to identify and isolate which devices hog bandwidth and cause network delays?

6) Is network performance regarded as a high priority by your organisation?

7) How often is network performance reviewed?

8) Do you have a plan for managing wearable technology devices that enter the workplace in 2014 and beyond? E.g. GoogleGlass, smart watch


1) Nagios, CiscoWorks Prime Infrastructure

2) 1000+

3) 500+ in wired, 500+ wireless

4) 0-25 (specifically for network performance)

5) No

6) Yes

7) Network performance in terms of service availability is monitored
constantly by Nagios, but we don't have a formal process whereby people
sit down with graphs and statistics to review it.

8) No