SOAS University of London

North Block Development

Disclosure date: 16 October 2013

Reference: FOI2013/100


1.) At what stage are you currently at? I see on the North Block website segment, it states that the appointment of contractor was planned for around now and if this appointment has happened, who was appointed?

2.) Is SOAS occupying the entirety of the North Block?

3.) Is it confirmed as to what parts of SOAS will be in the North Block as of yet? And if so, which parts (e.g. facilities, departments, part of the union)?


1.) SOAS is currently procuring the contractor to carry out the works. The contractor is likely to be appointed at the end of 2013.

2.) SOAS will be occupying the lower ground, ground and three upper floors of the North Block. Above two wings of the block there are University of London libraries which will not be occupied by SOAS. Additionally, the North East Wing is currently being refurbished for the Institute of Historical Research.

3.) The principles that established how the refurbished building would be occupied were established early in the design process. Subject to Listed Building and Planning Consent it is proposed that the building is to include a mix of teaching space, academic offices, professional services offices and a variety of social and blended learning spaces.

The social spaces and student facing professional services are being centred around a new glazed courtyard to form a hub. The teaching spaces will be timetabled as central teaching spaces and not allocated to a particular department or Faculty. The allocation of academic offices has not yet been decided.