SOAS University of London

Pay scales

Disclosure date: 19 December 2013

Reference: FOI2013/137


We are all aware that across the sector university staff have received a real term pay decrease of 13% since 2008, and in addition that the SOAS London weighting has remained frozen since 2002. We don’t know though how increases among staff on different grades have been spread here at SOAS.  We note that the Senior Staff Remuneration Committee meets annually to discuss pay uplifts of senior colleagues. While we understand that individuals’ salaries are private, for the benefit of greater transparency, we would like to request the following:

1.) Average pay uplifts for all groups of senior staff over the last six years. This includes aggregate uplifts for professorial staff, all senior professional services staff at G10 and above, Pro-Directors, Deans, the Registrar and the Director. We are not interested in any one individual’s pay, which is why we are requesting aggregate percentage uplifts for these groups.

2.) This data is also disaggregated by gender.

3.) This data is produced annually in the future.

4.) We welcome the current Director’s decision not to receive the pay increase awarded to him in recent years. We would like further information on the rationale behind the Director’s high annual accommodation allowance.

5.) What does the School do with the annual salary increase that would ordinarily be awarded to the Director?

6.) What has the School done with the surpluses from the last few years?

7.) When School students’ tuition fees are regularly raised by 5% annually, why are staff salaries not be raised by a similar amount?


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