SOAS University of London

PGCHE feedback & hacking

Disclosure date: 23 January 2014

Reference: FOI2013/149


1) The results for, and any reports on, feedback/evaluation surveys for the PGCEHE course. I would only like to ask for data on the most recent completed course.

2) Annually since 2008 (academic or financial, whichever is easier), the number of incidents of hacking into university servers. This includes breaches into department websites, databases on students, blackboard and any other IT service under the university's control. Please indicate, if it was noted:

- Date of the attack

- Motive of the attack

- Whether the hackers changed/altered anything

- Who the perpetrators were

- If it was a student, the punishment for the incident

- Whether any data was lost/stolen and whether that data was personal and/or sensitive information on individuals

- Whether the hacker(s) gained access to, or could have theoretically gained access to, personal and/or sensitive information on individuals.

Should this request go beyond compliance costs, please refine it to 2011/2012, 2012/13.

3) Any report or minute meeting that centred on any incident of hacking against the university as described above.


1) Not applicable.

2) There have been no incidents of hacking since 2008.

3) No information held.