SOAS University of London

Processing overseas student applications

Disclosure date: 13 May 2013

Reference: FOI2013/036


1) What system (if any) is used to communicate with your international agents and students pre-enrolment?

2) What systems are used between the application to enrolment process for administering your overseas student applications?

3) What are the costs for each of the above systems?

4) Who is the current software vendor that is supplying/ed the system?

5) What is the average time period between receiving an application from an overseas student and confirming a decision (offer/rejection) to the student?

6) What percentage of all applications received from overseas students result in a successful student enrolment?


1) Email

2) Undergraduates are processed in Unit-E via UCAS and Postgraduates via ‘ApplyYourself’

3) The overall figure for ApplyYourself is £264,720, which includes all set-up development costs and licence. Our annual maintenance for Unit-e is £55,079.36 per annum excluding VAT; we paid a one-off licence charge in May 2007 of £29,500 excluding VAT for the use of the software

4) Capita supply Unit-E. Hobsons supply ApplyYourself.

5) Approximately 25 working days.

6) Approximately 17% (2012 figures).