SOAS University of London

Reference & citation style guides

Disclosure date: 24 October 2013

Reference: FOI2013/098


1.) A list of all the reference/citation styles that are used by pupils and staff within their academic work (essays etc).

2.) All the available reference/citation guides/guidance documents that are supplied to students/staff.

3.) Do you subscribe/purchase licenses for any software that helps reference/citation management? e.g. EndNote. If so - how much do you spend on this per year? If this information is unavailable, how much is your annual spend on general software licenses?


1.) SOAS does not have a standard citation style. Depending on departmental/teaching preferences, staff and students may use MLA, APA, Harvard or any other style.

2.) Please see attached documentation and also Citing electronic sources and Guides (in particular the Reading Lists, Referencing & Bibliographies document on the SOAS website.

3.) SOAS does not subscribe to or purchase any software for reference/citation management. EndnoteWeb was included in our subscription to another product (and is anyway available free of charge online), and training is provided on using Zotero.