SOAS University of London

Staff pay and surveys

Disclosure date: 8 January 2014

Reference: FOI2013/144


1) For each school, the number of academic staff on each salary scale (please include figure and not just number/letter representing scale), broken down by male and female and for the following:
- Non-professor full time academic staff
- Full time professors

2) Full details of your current severance package for voluntary and involuntary redundancy

3) The total number of academic staff who took voluntary/involuntary redundancy since the beginning of 2008. Please ignore this request if it falls beyond compliance costs.

4) Full results of the most recent staff survey that included questions on issues of wellbeing and/or job satisfaction. If a university wide survey is conducted, please only supply this. But if surveys are only conducted on an individual school level, then please supply the most recent of those for each school instead.

5) Any report produced on the most recent staff/academic staff survey(s) which included questions on wellbeing and/or satisfaction.



Action Plan Survey

RAG Report