SOAS University of London

Student Attendance & Punctuality

Disclosure date: 3 December 2013

Reference: FOI2013/118


1) Any policy or documentation that you have outlining your monitoring of students attendance and punctuality.

2) Any policy or documentation outlining the procedure to be followed if students are found to be in breach of any attendance policy.

3) Any policy or documentation that you have outlining how international students are monitored.

4) Any documentation indicating numbers of UK/EU and international students who have faced any sanction due to an alleged breach of any attendance policy.

5) Any policy or documentation of meetings, discussions you may have had with the UKBA/Home Office Immigration Enforcement Directorate in relation to how you will inform them of students attendance and punctuality.


1) We maintain class registers in the same way for all students, regardless of their immigration status. Our policy in this area has not changed for many years.

2) The attached process manual describes the procedure used to audit attendance of students on Tier 4 visas. For these students persistent non-attendance without good cause can result in us withdrawing sponsorship of their visa and terminating their student registration.

We do not have a written policy on actions to be taken in the event of non-attendance by other students: this is followed up by Faculty staff in accordance with individual circumstances.

3) Please see previous answer.

4) We terminated the registrations of three Tier 4 students in 2012/13 for non-attendance.

5) We comply with the published Sponsor Guidance and have not had any discussions of this nature with the Home Office.