SOAS University of London

Coffee shops and caffeine

Disclosure date: 28 February 2014

Reference: FOI2014/032


1. How many establishments serve or sell caffeinated drinks at your university?

2. Does your university or student union have any promotional, marketing or sponsorship agreements/ contracts with purveyors of caffeinated energy drinks e.g. RedBull or Monster, or coffee retailers such as Starbucks?

3. If yes, how much money has been paid to the university from these contracts per year since 2010? (Where possible, I would also appreciate meeting minutes discussing these agreements or contracts, or details on the nature of these contracts).

4. Is the university aware of any students who have experienced illness or anxiety as a result of their caffeine use which negatively impacted their ability to study?


1. Five.

2. No.

3. Not applicable.

4. No information held.