SOAS University of London


Disclosure date: 7 April 2014

Reference: FOI2014/047


a. Number of recorded cases of dyslexia for each academic year. If possible, please give details of:
             i. Number dyslexic students of each different ethnicity for each academic year.
             ii. Number of dyslexic students of each country of birth for each academic year.
             iii. Number of dyslexic students  of each different university course for each academic year.
b. Sum of cost for university of diagnostic assessments if any, in each academic year. Please state if the university does not help with this funding.
c. The operating budget available to the dyslexia support service (if not available, the budget for the disability service in general) for each academic year and the total budget available to the university for each academic year.
d. Details of any other help or type of support the university offers to students with dyslexia.
e. Number of students with dyslexia that receive extra time for each academic year.
f. Total number of students in university for each academic year.
g. How do you verify cases of dyslexia?
h: A copy of the guidance sheet for academic staff for the assessment of dyslexic students' work.


Please see the attached pdf.