SOAS University of London

Legal action against student protesters

Disclosure date: 8 May 2014

Reference: FOI2014/061


1. In the past three years have to you sought or successfully pursued any legal action, civil, disciplinary or criminal, against participants in 'protests' such as occupations at the university, this could include (but is not limited to) injunctions against occupations or trespass cases?
a. Please provide all documents relating to these cases. Details should include, but not be limited to, any affidavits, witness statements and other evidence given support of such an injunction.

2. How much money has the university spent (including but not limited to) on these cases. Please provide a breakdown by case, and if possible costs, e.g. court fees, legal expenses, etc.

3. How many disciplinaries have you conducted against students for protest related offences in the past 3 years?

4. How many of the aforementioned disciplinaries against students have been upheld (where the student have been found 'guilty')?

5. Please provide copies of any injunctions relating to protest situations (including but not limited to occupations) which you have taken out in this time period.


1. In December 2011, SOAS obtained a possession order to enable eviction of protesters occupying 53 Gordon Square (a SOAS building).

a. Documents relating to this case (including minutes of relevant meetings, witness statements, letters to the occupiers, and the Order for Possession) are available on the School’s Freedom of Information Disclosure Log at

2. Please see the spreadsheet outlining the costs associated with this occupation under part 4 of the response at the above link.

3. Two student disciplinary cases have been conducted against students for protest related offences in the past three years.

4. Following Stage 1 preliminary investigations (in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedure: both student disciplinary cases were not taken any further.

5. Not applicable as no injunctions were sought.