SOAS University of London


Disclosure date: 7 January 2014

Reference: FOI2014/002


Annually since 2008 (broken down by each year, calendar or financial whichever is easiest), how many promotions to full professorships have been made through a teaching route process? That is to say, promotions to professorships based on their teaching work rather than research.

Please also supply (if the information is held):

- In which dpt these promotions were made

- For each year, what percentage these type of promotions made up of all total promotions to full professorships (i.e. teaching based promotions to full professorships were 10% of the total promotions to full professorships in 2010).


SOAS does not have a “teaching route process” for promotion to Professor. The relevant promotions procedure the School uses for promotion to Professor is set out below:

Professor: In considering a proposal for the conferment of the title of Professor regard shall be had to the person's international standing in the relevant subject or profession as established by outstanding contributions to its advancement through publications, creative work, or other appropriate forms of scholarship or performance, and through academic leadership, teaching and administration and other contributions to the work of the School as above.

Given the above therefore, none of the School’s promotions to Professor are made through a teaching route only process.