SOAS University of London

Student and staff behaviour issues

Disclosure date: 2 May 2014

Reference: FOI2014/054


  1. In the last three academic years how many of your undergraduate students were expelled for unacceptable behaviour?  Please provide a narrative summary of each incident of the behaviour that students were excluded for.
  2. In the last three academic years how many undergraduate students were given formal written warnings for unacceptable behaviour?
  3. In the last year 2012/2013 how many incidents where students were given written warnings for unacceptable behaviour did the case involve the inappropriate use of  social media? Please give a narrative summary of each such case.
  4. In each of the last three financial years how many university staff have declared that they are involved in a sexual relationship with  a student?
  5. In each of the last three financial years how many university staff faced disciplinary procedures because they were engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student? How many of these cases led to the staff member being dismissed or resigning?


  1. In the last three academic years, one undergraduate student was withdrawn from SOAS following an Exams Offences hearing. The student had plagiarised on three occasions and the penalty was to withdraw from the course and not transfer to a different programme or re-apply to SOAS.
  2. One.
  3. None.
  4. SOAS does not maintain a central record of such declarations.

    SOAS has a ‘Personal Relationships Code of Conduct’ which sets out the School’s policy regarding the value it places on the professional integrity of relationships between members of staff and in the staff/student relationship.

    A personal relationship is defined as a family relationship; a business/ commercial/ financial relationship; or a sexual/romantic relationship.

    Where a member of staff has a professional role in relation to a student with whom he or she has a personal relationship, it is the responsibility of the member of staff to inform his/her Head of Department (or Dean if the member of staff is a Head of Department), in order that alternative teaching, tutoring or assessment arrangements may be made.

    Any case whereby a personal relationship as defined within the Code is not declared and results in an unfair advantage or disadvantage to either of the parties to the relationship (be they a member of staff or a student) will be considered a serious matter and may lead to disciplinary action.
  5. None.