SOAS University of London

Students in employment/training

Disclosure date: 18 February 2014

Reference: FOI2014/021


In relation to the cohort of students who would be registered as in employment or training, or not, by 1.1.14 after graduating from your university in the summer of 2013 please answer the following questions.

1.) Has the university spent any money on any of these students to either pay completely or subsidise them to undertake new training courses, internships or employment. If so how much money has been spent and how many students have benefited from this?

2.) I relation to Q.1 what was the biggest sum of payments you made to a single provider of training or employment? How many students did this cover? What was the name of the organisation, and what sort of work/training did it pay for the students to do?


1.)  No

2.)  Not applicable