SOAS University of London

Zero contract hours

Disclosure date: 30 April 2014

Reference: FOI2014/062


1. What is the total number of employees at your institution on any type of contract?

2. How many employees were on zero-hour contracts in the last twelve months, if any?

3. What is the demographic break down of your employees on zero-hour contracts over the last 12 months? Please include age, gender and ethnicity if available.

4. How many staff employed by the University over the last 12 months have been paid less than the Living Wage?

5. Does the University have any stipulations in tenders or contracts with firms providing 'outsourced' services in regards to any of the following:
- Working conditions including sick pay, holiday pay or minimum wages?
- Excluding Zero hour contracts?
- Paying the Living Wage?


1. On 1 April 2014, the School employed a total of 1,218 employees.
2. Nil
3. Not applicable at SOAS.
4. Nil
5. SOAS is a London Living Wage Employer and any staff working for SOAS or any contracted staff working on School sites must as a minimum be paid an hourly rate at least equal to the pay rate determined by the Greater London Authority's annual report and implemented by SOAS at its own discretion.