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Elisa van Waeyenberge

Dr Elisa Van Waeyenberge
Elisa van Waeyenberge
Political economy of aid and policy reform in low-income countries, the  international financial institutions;  development policy and theory. Teaching interests include macroeconomics and research methods.
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Dr Kate Bayliss
Research Cluster Member
Kate Bayliss

The impact of privatisation and commercialisation; public and private sector systems of provision; infrastructure development; utilities; role of domestic private sector in basic service delivery, equity impact of institutional and infrastructure reform. 

Professor Ben Fine
Research Cluster Member
Ben Fine

I have been Professor of Economics at SOAS since 1992, having travelled the short distance from Birkbeck College where I was Professor of Economics, having been a founding member of the Department in 1972.

Professor Jane Harrigan
Jane Harrigan
International finance for development and the economic reform programmes associated with IMF and World Bank finance to developing countries; the links between macro-economic policy and agricultural performance in sub-Saharan Africa; the gender dimensions of economic liberalisation and globalisation; and the political economy of economic reform in the Middle East and North Africa. Cross-cutting these subject areas are two geographical areas of specialisation, namely sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Ghana and Eastern and Southern Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa.

Professor Carlos Oya
Carlos Oya
West Africa, Southern Africa, agrarian political economy; poverty; rural labour; development aid; research methods
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Dr Matteo Rizzo
Research Cluster Member
Matteo Rizzo

Political economy of development, labour markets and informalisation, agrarian change, urbanisation, privatisation, aid effectiveness, Africa, Tanzania.

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  • On Sabbatical:Terms 1 & 3 (2021/22)

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