SOAS University of London

International Students

Issuing a CAS

To be assigned a CAS complete the CAS Application Form and email it back together with a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport and current or previous UK visas to:
We will need to verify some information and ensure that you satisfy immigration rules before issuing the CAS.

  • Academic progression: Students cannot start a new course, even with the same sponsor if you have not completed the course for which you were last granted Tier 4 leave. If you are applying to study on a new programme but you have not achieved the qualification for which you were studying you won't be able to renew your visa in the UK. You will have to reapply from your home country and make a fresh Tier 4 application.
  • Level of any previous study in the UK ( e.g. going from lower level to higher level e.g BA to MA).
  • Number of years of any previous study in the UK ( 5 years cap).
  • Current Passport and any current tier 4 visa.
  • Reason for previous visa refusal (if applicable).
CAS validity:
  • A CAS number is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  • You can only apply up to three months before the start date of the programme.
  • You can only use the CAS number once. If your visa application is refused and you want to reapply you will need a new CAS. The School reserves the rights to reissue a second CAS.
  • Email to request a new CAS. There may be an administration charge.

CAS with a pre-sessional English course without academic condition

If your level of English language is assessed as requiring a 4 or an 8 week English pre-sessional course we can issue a joint CAS to cover both the pre-sessional and the main programme of study if the academic entry requirement has been fully met.

For a joint CAS to be issued you will need to:

  • Apply for the pre-sessional English course run by IFCELS
  • Receive an unconditional offer from IFCELS
  • Pay the pre-sessional tuition fees

We cannot assign a joint CAS if your English results warrant a 12 week pre-sessional English course.
You will need two CAS's; one to cover the pre-sessional English course and one to cover the main programme of study.
The first CAS will be issued by IFCELS. The second CAS will be issued by Admissions upon successful completion of the pre-sessional. If you need more information please email:

NOTE: If you do not successfully complete the pre-sessional English course you will not be allowed to progress onto the main programme of study and may have to return home.

CAS with a Pre-sessional English course with Academic Condition

If your offer is conditional on attending an English pre-sessional course (4 - 8 or 12 weeks) and you still have a pending academic condition, you may want to wait until your degree results are available before applying for a pre-sessional course.
If your academic results are not going to be available until June/ July, you can register to attend the English pre-sessional course and request a CAS to cover the duration of the pre-sessional course as described above. This will be at your own risk.
Note: Attending the pre-sessional whilst the academic condition is still pending does not guarantee admissions on the Masters programme.
SOAS will issue another CAS for the duration of your main programme of study once you have met the academic conditions and successfully completed the English pre-sessional course.
The International Student and Welfare Adviser at SOAS will be able to assist you with your visa extension.

If SOAS has issued a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) to sponsor you in the UK as a Tier 4 (General) student, the School has a duty to report to the UK Home Office if you do not attend regularly, or if you withdraw from your course or interrupt your studies.