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Centre of Islamic Studies

The Qur'an: Text, Translation, and Culture, 2018

Convenors: Prof. M.A.S. Abdel Haleem and Dr Mustafa Shah

Date: 9 November 2018Time: 8:45 AM

Finishes: 10 November 2018Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: BGLT

Type of Event: Conference


Preliminary Conference Programme

Friday 9 November (Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, Brunei Gallery)

Time Event
8.15-8.45 Coffee and Registration
8.45-9.00 Opening Address (Professor M.A.S. Abdel Haleem)

Qur’anic Rhetoric I (chair: Abdul-Hakim al-Matroudi)

  • Adam Flowers (University of Chicago), ‘The Qur’anic Exhortation’
  • Salwa El-Awa (Swansea University), ‘Discourse Markers as Indicators of Text and Structure in the Multiple-topic Qur'anic Suras: A Meta-analysis of Q. 2’
  • Thomas Hoffmann (University of Copenhagen), ‘A Qur’anic Self-Deconstruction? Q. 20:113’
  • Mamoon Abdelhalim Wagih (Fayoum University), 'أثر النحو العربي في خدمة النص القرآني' ('The Role of Arabic Grammar in Understanding and Interpreting the Qur'anic Text')
10.45-11.15 Coffee Break

Qur'anic Rhetoric 2 (chair: Shawkat Toorawa)

  • Rachel Dryden (University of Cambridge), ‘The Theology of Rain, and Other Weather-related Phenomena in the Qur’ān’
  • Johanne Louise Christiansen (University of Copenhagen), ‘How to be Deliberately Vague: On the Rhetorical Strategy of Vagueness in the Qurʾān’
  • Ulrika Mårtensson (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology), ‘Between mustaqīm and mukhliṣ: ‘Covenant’ as a Linguistic and Rhetorical Analysis of the Canon’s Composition and Key Concepts’
  • M.A.S. Abdel Haleem (SOAS University of London), ‘Sūrat al-Mulk, Q 67: Reading the Qur’an According to its balāgha: ‘ḥaqqa tilāwatihi’’
13.00-14.55 Lunch

Framing the Text: Shaping the Reception of the Qur’an (chair: Yasin Dutton)

  • Mirina Paananen (University of Oxford), ‘Taghannī or not taghannī? Ibn al-Jazarī on the Musical Recitation of the Qurʾān’
  • Suleyman Dost (Brandeis University), ‘The Rise and Fall of a Genre: The maṣāḥif Books in Context’
15.50-16.20 Coffee Break

Theology (chair: Mustafa Shah)

  • Livnat Holtzman (Bar-Ilan University), ‘The Rhetorical Aspect of āyāt al-ṣifāṭ: The Ashʿarite Prohibition of Gestures and the Ultra-Traditionalistic Response (12th–14th Centuries)’
  • Oliver Leaman (University of Kentucky), ‘Is the Ethics of the Qur'an Utilitarian?’
  • Ramon Harvey (Ebrahim College), ‘Al-Māturīdī on Abrogation of the sharīʿa in the Qur’an and Previous Scriptures’

Saturday 10 November (Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, Brunei Gallery)

Time Event
8.15-8.45 Coffee

Tafsir (chair: Annabel Keeler)

  • Todd Lawson (University of Toronto), ‘The Qur’an and the Shaykhiyya’
  • Walid Saleh (University of Toronto), ‘The Encyclopaedia of Tradition-based Qur’an Commentary’
  • Sohaib Saeed (University of Glasgow), ‘Qurʾān Citations in Qurʾān Exegeses: A Case Study of Sūrat al-Anʿām (Q. 6)’
10.35-11.05 Coffee Break

Contemporary Approaches to the Qur’an (chair: Walid Saleh)

  • Ghassan el Masri (Freie Universität-Berlin), ‘TBC’
  • Ahmad Al-Dubayan (ICCUK), 'نقد منهج المعالجة اللغوية لدى محمد شحرور' ('Linguistic Methodology of Muhammad Shahrur')
  • Ahmed Bouaoud (Université Abdelmalek Essaadi), 'القرآن والتاريخ بحث في أطروحة أنجليكا نويفيرت حول تاريخ النص القرآني' ('Qur'an and History: Angelika Neuwirth's Thesis on the History of the Qur'anic Text')
12.25-13.05 Lunch

Translation I: Translation as Process (chair: Helen Blatherwick)

  • Nàdia Petrus Pons (Autonomous University of Barcelona), ‘Transmission and Survival of Mark of Toledo’s Latin Qur’an translation’
  • Nora S Eggen (University of Oslo), ‘Modality in translations of the Qur’ān’
  • Shawkat M. Toorawa (Yale), ‘Ḥaqqa tilāwatihi—Doing the Qur’an justice in English translation’
15.10-15.40 Coffee Break

Translation II: The Qur’an in Non-Western Languages (chair: Bruce Fudge)

  • Johanna Pink (University of Freiburg), ‘Joseph and the Tiger, Mary and the Angel: What we can learn from Javanese Qur’an Translation’
  • M. Brett Wilson (Central European University – Macalester College), ‘The Poet of Islam’s Translation of the Qur’an’
  • Philipp Bruckmayr (University of Vienna), ‘From Manuscripts to Printed Editions: The Translation of the Qurʼān into Indochinese Languages’ 
17.00-17.15 Closing Remarks (Professor M.A.S. Abdel Haleem)


Photos from the Conference

Organiser: Centre of Islamic Studies