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What is Panopto?

Panopto is a desktop application that records lectures in a digital format that students and others can watch later over the web, on a computer or on their mobile devices via the BLE.

The software can record presentation slides, audio, screen capture and potentially video for later playback to students or a particular group. The recordings can be made available on Moodle and supplemented with any other course material or documents. Panopto software is installed on all teaching room computers and SOAS staff machines, and most classrooms have audio microphones installed (please check the list below if you are unsure)

In the large lecture rooms, G3, DLT, KLT, BGLT & B102, the lectern microphones are connected to the system by default (in KLT & BGLT the table microphones, and any roving microphones (when switched on) will also be captured on the recording). Standard classrooms, where possible have been installed with fixed desktop microphones for audio recording, these are pictured below. Please note: to record video of the speaker you would need to loan/use a USB webcam for the  PC (please see How do I get started tab above). However without webcam Panopto can still record audio, PowerPoint, any screen capture and can record audio using the desk mounted boundary mics.

For best results, it is best to speak close to the microphone, and avoid moving too far away to achieve good results.
The Panopto interface will show an audio volume bar, while speaking you will see a green bar indicating your audio level. Adjust the slider to adjust this up or down for optimum level.

Boundary Mics for Lecture Capture
Boundary Mics for Lecture Capture

Rooms with Lecture Capture mics installed
Main Building (College Building) DLT, E17, L67, G3, G51, G51a, G52, 223, 227, 232, 250, 263, 266, 273, 279, 286, 366, 373, 386, 389, 392, 403, 410, 417, 443, 445, 459, 464, 467, 4426, 4429, 504, 559, 563, 576, 592
Brunei Building BGLT, B100, B101, B102, B103, B104, B111, B200, B202, B204, B211
Faber Building FG01
Senate House S109, S113, S116, S117, S118, S208, S209, S210, S211, S214, S216, S311, S312, S313, S314, S315, S316, S320, SALT, SG27, SG31,S G32, SG33, SG34, SG35, SWLT

How do I get started?

Student Helpers

Requirements for using Panopto

Access to Panopto can only be granted to SOAS staff. A few days before using Panopto, your lecturer must request access from the BLE team.

Use Panopto

To help your lecturer use the Panopto Recorder, follow these steps:

  1. Double click on the Panopto Icon on the lecture theatre PC. Do not use a laptop
  2. Check that you are signing in with your BLE details
  3. Ask your lecturer to enter his or her BLE Username and Password
  4. Click Log In
  5. Choose a storage destination for the recording from the Panopto content folders that your lecturer has access to by clicking the Arrow in the top right hand corner of the page
  6. Click the Add New Session button that is to the right of the folder name
  7. Enter a Title in the Record a New Session called field
  8. Select the recording devices for audio and video under the heading Primary Source. The webcam or camera name will appear if video is available, however, you can select None if your lecturer does not wish to be videoed. The audio is the webcam microphone, or in rooms with built-in microphones this may be microphone(USB audio device) or Windows audio device. If the microphone is working, you will see Green Bars Appearing on the left hand side of the video panel, and adjust the level if needed
  9. Set the Quality Parameter to Standard. Do not select High or Ultra
  10. Tick Capture Primary Screen and Capture PowerPoint under Secondary Capture Sources
  11. Press the Record button
  12. Minimise the screen if it does not happen automatically. It will be accessible in the system tray. Press Pause and Resume during the recording to pause and restart the recording
  13. Press the Stop button to finish recording
  14. Press OK on the message that pops up

You will now be taken to the Recording Status tab. Do not turn off the computer while the file is uploading You may log off during this process.

If your lecturer has requested to be notified via email when the recording is complete, he or she will receive an email with the link to the recording (he or she would have requested this service when requesting access to Panopto). Alternatively, your lecturer may access the recording link via the server.

Notify your lecturer of the next steps.

Next steps

  1. Access the Panopto server (staff): Get started with Panopto
  2. Set viewer permissions for Panopto recordings or folders
  3. Add rich media links to Moodle (virtual learning environment)
  4. Email a link to a Panopto recording or folder