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SOAS E-Mail Acceptable Use Policy

SOAS has a policy about the use of its e-mail systems. 

Three things you really need to know about SOAS E-Mail

  1. E-mail is provided for the conduct of SOAS business.  Although it is acceptable to use it for private business, you need to understand that nothing you put into an e-mail is truly private (unless it is encrypted) and there are circumstances (described in the policy) in which the content of your e-mail can be monitored or disclosed.
  2. Sending attachments (especially confidential documents) via e-mail is poor practice when there are better alternatives.  SOAS provides its MySOAS system as a method by which you can post a document to a secure location and then e-mail a link to the document.  I&T can provide training in the use of this and other systems.
  3. E-mail can be useful but it can also be a burden and in the worst case, a nuisance.  The policy includes advice about "e-mail etiquette".  Please pay particular attention to the advice about the use of "CC" in e-mail.  If you are only CC'd into a message, it is poor practice to respond to it or forward it to others.  The google webmail interface can make it difficult to see if the e-mail is "TO" you or merely "CC".  Learn how to tell the difference.

Full policy

SOAS E-Mail Acceptable Use (pdf; 281kb)