SOAS University of London

Locations for Connectivity

We strongly recommend you use wired access when possible as it will provide you with a faster and more reliable service; additionally you will gain access to the IPTV service we run.

Wired Connectivity

Wired outlets are scattered throughout the university however you probably will find that many wall sockets are not actually activated. The locations where you should find convenient wired access are:

Russell Square Campus: 
  • Basement Level: RB01
  • Third Floor: R301
  • Library: North Facing Terrace on Level D and Study Bays on Floor E
Doctoral School:
  • Basement Study Area: Sockets on desks marked with an orange dot, as well as even numbered ports along the bench area.

N.B. do not unplug existing equipment

Wireless Connectivity

The wireless coverage at SOAS is rather extensive and as a general rule of thumb we have tried our best to cover lecture halls, common rooms, the library and classrooms. A more detailed breakdown of the location of our wireless access points are as follows:

Russell Square Campus:
  • Basement Level: KLT, LG50, LG62, RB01, Canteen
  • Ground Floor: G2, G51, Junior Common Room
  • First Floor: Senior Common Room, 109, 130 (IT department), R101
  • Second Floor: Postgrad Common Room, 276, R201
  • Third Floor: 349, 376
  • Fourth Floor: 419, 4409, 4418, 4430
  • Fifth Floor: 529, 548, 552-hk-lib, 566
  • Library: East Facing Terrace, North Facing Terrace, Floor A, Library Archive, Study Bays and Floor E, Rooms C3, D2 and D5
Brunei Gallery:
  • Basement Level: Lecture Theatre, Basement Foyer
  • First Floor: B103, B111, B138
  • Third Floor: B320
  • Fourth Floor: B403
Faber Building:
  • Basement Level: FB01, FB07, FB10, FB12
  • Ground Floor: FG01, FG05, FG08
  • Third Floor: F314
21/22 Russell Square:
  • 21 room 316
  • 22 room 306
  • Room T101
36 Gordon Square:
  • Second Floor
Doctoral School, 53 Gordon Square:
  • Basement: Common Room and Study Area/PDF offices
  • Ground Floor Meeting Room
  • Study Areas on Floors 1-3

We have a number of 'spare' wireless access points awaiting deployment but need your help to discover the blackspots in our coverage that you feel would be useful to fill for the SOAS community. If you know of a location where wireless coverage is poor or non-existent and others would benefit from the additional coverage then do get in touch and let us know.