SOAS University of London

ID cards for new staff

New ID Cards

To obtain a SOAS ID card, you must have a network login. Your Line Manager or Sponsor must email the IT Service Desk at least 5 days before your arrival to set up your network account. The information that they send to the IT Service Desk will ensure that you receive the relevant entitlements (e.g., building access, Library access, etc.)

If you are a Research Associate/Visiting Scholar your sponsor must use the appropriate form from the Library Membership Guidance document indicating the type of membership being sponsored.

ID cards are printed at the Membership Desk at the Library. The Library team can only print the information displayed on card system; they cannot alter the information. If you have queries about your id card or entitlements, please ask your Line Manager or Sponsor.

If you require access to areas other than through the turnstiles in the main entrance, the Library turnstiles, and doors to departments/faculties/centres, please complete the Additional Access to SOAS Buildings – Application Form.

Existing ID Cards

Your Line Manager or Sponsor must email the IT Service Desk to request any changes your account to ensure that you receive the correct entitlements. Please allow 5 days for the update to be completed.