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A Quick Guide to Telephony

Your Telephone Number

Your extension will be four digits long and start with either a 4 or a 5 and is displayed on the top of the screen on your handset.

4xxx Extensions can be dialed from outside SOAS on the number +44 (0) 20 7898 4xxx, and 5xxx Extensions on +44 (0)20 7074 5xxx. Extensions beginning with 2 or 3 are Internal-only, usually assigned to phones in public spaces (computer rooms, classrooms), and cannot be dialed directly from outside of SOAS, nor can they dial externally.

New staff members should have a phone number requested for them by their faculty/unit administrators. Please note that we may not be able to reassign existing numbers to new and replacement staff for operational reasons. 

Your Telephone

We issue one Staff handset, which is the Cisco 8945 handset. 

Labelled 8945
Making a Phone Call:

Either pick up the handset or press the speakerphone button (11) and use the keypad (10) to enter the phone number you wish to call. For internal calls dial the 4 digit extension, for external calls prefix with the number 9, e.g. 902078984000.

Receiving a Call: 

Either lift the handset or press the speakerphone button (11). To send the call to voicemail instead, press the Divert softkey (4, the button under the "Divert" label). To silence the ringer, press the volume down key (15).

During a Call:
Volume and Speakerphone: 

You can use the volume buttons (15) to change the handset/speaker volume, and the mute button (13) if you need privacy during a call. You can press the speakerphone button (11) at any time to use the speakerphone. 

To place someone on hold: 

Press (7) during the call, and use the select button/arrows to pick up a held call.

To transfer a call:

Press (8) followed by the number you wish to forward to, then hang up. 

To set up a conference call:

Press button (6) and call in the other party, followed by (6) again.

Video Calling:

If the number you are calling also has video support, a video call will automatically be set up. You can adjust the angle of the camera (2) back and forth, or use the privacy slider (3) to disable the camera. You can also use button (12) for video mute.

Privacy, Forwarding, Call Directory and Call History
Do Not Disturb: 

On the home screen, one of the soft keys in row (4) will be “DND”, or do not disturb. Pressing this will turn off ringing – on an incoming call your phone will make a quiet beep and your receiver light will flash. 

Forwarding Calls:

To forward calls, press the “Forward” button, followed by the number you wish to forward to, or the voicemail key (16).


To browse the telephone directory, press the directory key (18) and select “Corporate Directory” using the navigation buttons (5). From here you can use the keypad to enter First Name, Last Name, or extension number to search for someone.

Call History:

Your phone will display the number of missed calls next to your name on the home screen. To browse your call history, press the down navigation button (5), and use up/down to browse, and select with the centre key. To redial the last number you called, press the redial key (9).

Logging In and Out

All staff have the ability to "Log in" to any handset around the school - this is handy if you spend a lot of time hot-desking. You can log in using your username and Phone PIN (note this is different from your voicemail PIN) - we inform you of your PIN number when we set up your handset.

To login/logout press the gear button the top left of your phone keypad, scroll down to option 6 (Please Login), (If the phone is already logged in, you may have to Select "Yes" to logout the currently logged in user and after the phone resets press the button to the left of the "Please Log In" message) and enter the above details using the keypad.


If you have a voicemail, the notification light on top of the receiver will be lit up, and there will be a red voicemail icon next to your name/extension on the screen. To pick up your voicemail, press the voicemail key (16). You will be notified of your PIN number with your account details. The first time you do this, you will be taken through a short set-up sequence which will involve changing your PIN and setting your personal greeting. 


The published SOAS fax number is now 020 7898 4009. All incoming faxes will be received and distributed from the Post Room, so advertise that number if you wish to receive a fax. To send a fax, please use the machine in the ground floor of the Faber Building, located behind the front desk. Sending details are located by the machine.

Conditions of Use

The use of the telephone system in the School is governed by the “SOAS IT Policy” which is part of the School’s policies. Violation of these policies may be subject to disciplinary actions.


  • IT Support Desk: Library Reception, Floor E, College Building 
  • Email: 
  • Tel: ext 4950 (020 7898 4950)
  • Switchboard: Dial 0 from any phone
  • Security Hotline: Dial 555 from any phone
  • Emergency Services: Dial 9999 or 9122 from any phone

Comments and Suggestions

If you have any comments or suggestions on the School’s IT services, don’t hesitate to contact us at: