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17th Jaina Studies Workshop - Jaina Tantra

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Date: 20 March 2015Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 20 March 2015Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Workshop

The 15th Annual lecture given by Professor Alexis Sanderson (All Souls, Oxford University) on The Jaina Appropriation and Adaptation of Śaiva Ritual: The Case of Pādliptasūri’s Nirvāṇakalikā
takes place on Thursday, 19 March at 6pm.  Further details


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17th Jaina Studies Workshop



Book of Abstracts

09.00Tea and Coffee
First Session: Textual Studies
09.15Paul Dundas (University of Edinburgh, Scotland) 
Tantra Without ‘Tantrism’: The Quotidian Jain Mantra According to Somasena Bhaṭṭāraka
09.45Jagat Ram Bhattacharyya (Shantiniketan, India)
Tantric Elements in the Original Praśnavyākaraṇa‒ A Study
10.15Ellen Gough (Yale University, USA)
The Digambara Sūrimantra and the Tantricization of Jain Image Consecration
10.45Tea & Coffee
Second Session: Jaina Tantra & Meditation
11.15Shugan Chand Jain (International Summer School for Jain Studies, New Delhi)
Peculiarities of Jaina Yoga as depicted in Jñānārṇava by Śubhacandra (1003-1068 A.D.)
11.45Christopher Key Chapple (Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA)
The Five Great Elements (pañca mahābhūta) in Jaina Meditation Manuals
12.15Samaṇī Pratibhāprajñā (SOAS, University of London & Jain Viśva Bhāratī Ladnun)
Tantric Elements in Prekṣa-Meditation
12.45Group Photo
13.00Lunch: Brunei Gallery Suite
Third Session: Tantric Elements in Jaina Ritual
14.00Michael Slouber (Western Washington University, USA)
Mundane Matters: Sex and Violence in Early Medieval Jain Tantra
14.30Peter Flügel (SOAS, University of London)
Digambara Jaina Divination Rituals in Coastal Karṇāṭaka
15.00Tea & Coffee
Fourth Session: Tantra in Hinduism and Jainism
15.30John E. Cort (Denison University, USA)
Reading Gorakhnāth through a Jain Lens: Jain Receptions of the Nāths in Pre-Colonial North India
16.00Olle Qvarnström (University of Lund, Sweden)
Tantra in Practice: How to Convert a King
16.30Brief Break

Addressing the question:

"In the 19th century, many Indian social and religious reformers differentiated 'custom and rituals' from 'true religion'. Is this distinction still relevant for lived Jainism today?"

In the Chair: John E. Cort (Denison University, USA)


  • Ashok Jain (Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  • Ashok Jain (Department of Botany, Gwalior University)
  • Atul Shah (University Campus Suffolk)
  • Bhattaraka Charukirti (Shri Jain Matha Jain Kashi Mudbidri)
  • Bindi Shah (University of Southampton)
  • Chakresh Jain (Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi)
  • Samani Pratibha Pragya (SOAS, Jain Vishva Bharati Institute Ladnun)
  • Sanjeev Sogani (Gyan Sagar Science Foundation, New Delhi)
18.00  Final Remarks

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