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Centre of Jaina Studies

14th Annual Jaina Lecture: The Lifes of the Tīrthaṅkaras in Illustrated Jaina Manuscripts

Statue of "Cāritracakravartī" Ācārya Śāntisāgara "Dakṣiṇa

Statue of "Cāritracakravartī" Ācārya Śāntisāgara "Dakṣiṇa" (1872-1955), "Digambara Jaina Siddhakṣetra" Kunthalagirī, P.Flügel 2012

Dr Saryu Doshi (Mumbai)

Date: 20 March 2014Time: 6:00 PM

Finishes: 20 March 2014Time: 9:00 PM

Venue: Brunei GalleryRoom: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Lecture


Free and open to all

The 16th Jaina Studies Workshop takes place the following day on Friday, 21 March 2014.

Organiser: Centre of Jaina Studies, Centres & Programmes Office

Contact email: centres@soas.ac.uk

Contact Tel: 020 7898 4893/2