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15th Jaina Studies Workshop: Jaina Logic

Jaina Logic

Date: 22 March 2013Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 22 March 2013Time: 5:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Workshop

The full day workshop follows on from the lecture which is held on Thursday, 21 March.

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Jaina Logic in Context



9.00Tea and Coffee
 First Session: Jain perspectivism
9.15Johannes Bronkhorst, University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Anekāntavāda, the Central Philosophy of Ājīvikism?
9.45Masahiro Ueda, Kyoto University (Japan), Nikṣepa in Akalaṅka’s Works
10.15Peter Flügel, SOAS University of London, Prolegomena to a Phenomenology of Jaina Time-Consciousness
10.45  Tea & Coffee
 Second Session: Jain theory of pramāṇa
11.15 Dharmchand Jain, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur (India), An Appraisal of Jaina Epistemology and Logic
11.45 Olle Qvarnström, University of Lund (Sweden), Haribhadrasūri on Sāṃkhya: Jain Criticism of Sāṃkhya Epistemology
12.15 Marie-Hélène Gorisse, University of Ghent (Belgium), Jain Theory of Inference in the Parīkṣāmukham
12.45Group Photo
13.00 Lunch: Brunei Gallery Suite
 Third Session: Jain theory of nayas
14.00Anne Clavel, University of Lyon (France), Arthanayas and Śabdanayas: A Structural Analysis
14.30 Laurent Keiff, University of Lille (France), Jaina's naya-vâda as Presupposition Analysis
15.00Tea & Coffee
 Fourth Session: Jain theory of saptabhaṅgī
15.30 Fujinaga, Shin, Miyakonojo (Japan), Origin and Value of Saptabhaṅgī
16.00Fabien Schang, Université de Lorraine, Nancy (France), A One-valued Logic for Non-One-Sidedness
16.30Brief Break
 Fifth Session: Oher lights on Jain epistemology
16.40 Jayandra Soni, Innsbruck (Austria), Prabhācandra’s Status in and Contribution to the History of Jaina Philosophical Speculation
17.10 Himal Trikha, University of Vienna (Austria), Kathañcit and other Key Terms of Jain Perspectivism in Vidyānandin's Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā
 17.40Andrew More, Yale University (USA), The Logic of Legitimation of Jain Lay Life in Sūyagaḍaṃga 2.2 and the Uvavāiya
18.10Final Remarks


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Free and open to all. 

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