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Professor J Clifford Wright
Honorary President, Centre of Jaina Studies
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Emeritus Professor of Sanskrit, University of London; Vedic religion, Classical Sanskrit literature, Middle Indian languages and cultures.

Professor Peter Flügel
Chair, Centre for Jaina Studies
Peter Flügel

Jaina Studies; South Asian History & Culture; Anthropology & Sociology of Religion

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  • Room: 341
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Dr Crispin Branfoot
Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
Crispin Branfoot
Architecture, sculpture and painting in South Asia, especially in southern India; pilgrimage, sacred geography; material religion; histories of archaeology, conservation and collecting.

Professor Werner Menski
Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
Werner Menski
Classical and modern Hindu law; Muslim Law; Laws of South Asia; Family law; Comparative law; South Asians in the UK; Immigration law; Ethnic minorities

Professor Ulrich Pagel
Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
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History of Buddhism in Tibet, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Kanjur Studies, Vinaya, Religions of Central Asia, Tibetan, Sanskrit. 

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Dr Peter D. Sharrock
Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
Peter Sharrock
He is now focusing on the evidence in Indochina for the influence of tantric or esoteric Buddhism, developed in the great monasteries of the Ganges valley and diffused and developed in different ways through much of Asia.
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Dr Renate Söhnen-Thieme
Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
Renate Sohnen Thieme
Sanskrit language and literature; classical Indian religions; folklore and music of Baltistan

Associate Members

Dr Shalini Sinha
Associate Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
Shalini Sinha

Shalini Sinha specializes in Indian philosophies and religions, with a particular interest in Hindu, Jaina and Buddhist theories of self, Jaina mysticism, and Vaiśeṣika ethics and metaphysics.

Dr Lidia Wojtczak
Associate Member, Centre of Jaina Studies
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  • Room: 458
  • Academic Support Hours: Monday 1-3pm or by appointment