SOAS University of London

Purpose of the Centre

Purpose of the Centre
  • to promote teaching, research and study in the field of Jaina Studies at SOAS;
  • to provide a forum for Jaina Studies for staff and students within SOAS and for scholars from other institutions and organisations;
  • to foster closer links between SOAS and other individuals and institutions with an academic interest in Jaina Studies.
The Centre seeks to promote Jaina Studies, inter alia
  • by organising and hosting national and international conferences, workshops and seminars (including a regular workshop series known as the Jaina Studies Workshop);
  • by convening Annual Lectures in Jaina Studies with an invited speaker of international repute;
  • by promoting, coordinating and disseminating research in the field of Jaina Studies;
  • by liasing with the School's Library to enhance and develop teaching and research materials relating to Jaina Studies;
  • by fostering contacts with Jain organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally;
  • by sponsoring academic exchange programmes in the field of Jaina Studies;
  • by hosting the Jaina Studies Series;
  • by raising funds for the above purposes.

The Centre is located in the Department of the Study of Religions at SOAS and, unless otherwise stated, is subject to the regulations and procedures pertaining to all departmental centres at SOAS.