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Allan Simpson
Allan Simpson

Locating a Queer Theory in the Context of Contemporary South Korean Literature (with a focus on the novels of Kim Hyena)

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Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Simon Barnes-Sadler Central Asian and Vernacular Yanbian Korean in Comparative Perspective (Dr J Yeon)
  • Xi Chen "Speech Acts Across Cultures: Evaluations and Refusals of Koreans, Chinese and Chinese Learners of Korean" (Dr J Yeon)
  • Youngchan Choi "A History of Protestant theory of liberty in Korea, 1886-1917" (Dr A Karlsson)
  • Makiko Hayashi "Constructing the Legal Profession in Modern Japan" (Dr JL Breen)
  • Ye Jin Kim Translation, National Ideology and Cold War in South Korea (1949-1950) (Dr O Miller)
  • Sang Pil Jin "Korean Neutralisation Attempts (1882-1907): Retracing the Struggle for Survival and Imperial Intrigues" (Dr A Karlsson)
  • Ivan Rumanek "The Role of No in the Genesis of Kabuki - Etymology of Genre-" (Prof A Gerstle)
  • Ryoko Aoki "The Construction of Japanese Noh Theatre as a Masculine Art: an Analysis of its Traditional and Modern Discourses" (Prof A Gerstle)
  • Galia Petkova "Performing Gender in Edo-period Kabuki" (Prof A Gerstle)
  • Sarah Son "Brothers, refugees or migrants? South Korean government policy for North Korean defectors and nation-building in the South Korean national narrative" (Dr A Karlsson)
  • Sun Kwan Song "Intellectuals and the State: The Resilience and Decline of Neo-Confucianism as State Ideology in Joseon Korea" (Dr A Karlsson)
  • Bo Kyung Kim "A Study on Korean Monolingual Learner's Dictionaries for Foreign Learners Focusing on Grammatical Information" (Dr J Yeon)
  • You Kyung Ju "Typological Universals of Relative Clauses with Reference to Korean as a Foreign Language" (Dr J Yeon)
  • Marie-Laure Verdier-Shin "In Good Faith? The South Korean Christian evangelical response(s) to the humanitarian crisis in North Korea" (Dr A Karlsson)
  • Midori Tanaka Atkins "Time and Space Reconsidered: The Literary Landscape of Murakami Haruki" (Dr S Dodd)