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JLPT Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of the exam?

    It is entirely in “multiple questions - answers” format; where candidates’ kanji, vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening abilities are tested. There is no interview or oral paper.

  • What is the highest/lowest level?

    The highest level is N 1, and the lowest is N 5. 

    For more details visit

    Note that the SOAS Japan Research Centre does not offer a level check for candidates. Consult your teacher for advice. 

    For Kanji lists for each level, visit

  • Can I take the exam for more than one level, for example N4 and N3?

    The exam is held simultaneously around the world, so it is not possible to take more than one level at the same exam session time.

  • How do I get hold of past papers?

    The exact same test questions of every exam are not available.  However, JLPT sample questions are available on the JLPT website.

    The official JLPT preparation workbooks are also available. 

    Please find more information on the JLPT website.

  • Are there any preparatory courses available?

    There are no JLPT preparatory classes currently offered at the SOAS Japan Research Centre.

    If in the future we offer a 10-week intensive preparatory courses leading up to the examination, it will be advertised on our term enrolment page

    The SOAS JLPT office does not handle preparatory course information.

    To our knowledge, there are no distance-learning courses for JLPT preparation available in UK.

  • Where do I send my completed application form to?

    All applications for JLPT in London are online. 

    The link to our online application form appears on SOAS JLPT webpage when it is available.