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BBC World News: Yuka Kobayashi interviewed on the US elections and impact on East Asia - 11/11/2016

The Times: Obituary of SOAS Honorary Fellow Prince Mikasa of Japan - 03/11/2016

High Life Magazine: Dolores Martinez quoted in an article on Japan’s ama divers - 04/11/2016

Sky News: Kristin Surak interviewed on the possibility that the Emperor of Japan will abdicate - 03/10/2016

CNN Connect The World: Japanese Emperor Makes Rare Address on Television. Angus Lockyer discussed the Japanese Emperor's televised address about his desire to step down on - 03/10/16

Expedia Online: London’s Secret Gardens. The Brunei Gallery’s Japanese Roof garden featured in an article on London’s secret gardens

The Washington Post: Professor Costas Lapavitsas wrote an article entitled ‘The government isn’t to blame for the rise of Wall Street’

Salon: Kristin Surak quoted in a piece on guestworkers in relation to US immigration reform

The Japan Times: Article on the Dulwich boys

BBC Radio 4: Yuka Kobayashi commented on the Climate Summit now taking place in Paris 

BBC DerbyYuka Kobayashi commented on the Climate Change summit in Paris - 4/12/2015

Guardian: Akiko Yano commented on the first shunga exhibition in Japan at the Eisei Bunko Museum - 13/11/2015

Radio France International: Kristin Surak interviewed on military military developments in East Asia - 11/09/2015

East Asia Forum: Helen Macnaughtan commented on 'Is Abe’s womenomics working?' - 11/09/2015

BBC London 94.9, BBC Radio 4 and Sky News: Martyn Smith, Yuka Kobayashi and Christopher Gerteis provided extensive commentary on VJ Day, including live commentary on the events held in London - 15/08/2015

BBC News Magazine: Christopher Gerteis and Ian Brown featured in the article on the Dulwich Boys who studied Japanese in the early 1940s at SOAS

CCTV and Channel News Asia (Singapore): Kristin Surak commented on the Japan's defence policy - 24/07/2015

CNBC: Who still owes what for the two World Wars? - 18/03/2015
"Christopher Gerteis, Senior Lecturer in the History of Contemporary Japan, at the SOAS, University of London, told CNBC via email, that "the amounts paid, though seemingly small, were negotiated and paid during the 1950s. Indeed, most East and Southeast Asian governments consider the matter of reparations closed." 

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: Buddhism, Japanese Nationalism, and Rationality - 18/02/2015
Dr Anne Fisker-Nielsen was a guest on the programme 

SOAS alumnus wins Japanese speech contest at 25th Sir Peter Parker Awards
Min Jeong
awarded coveted trophy as well as a return air ticket to Japan and £1,000 spending money - 13/02/2015

The Guardian: How British universities helped mould Syriza’s political elite
"Tipped to join him in the cabinet is Costas Lapavitsas, a professor of economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of London, who was also elected as a new Syriza MP." - 30/01/2015

Wall Street Journal: Syriza’s Rise Fueled by Professors-Turned-Politicians
"For more than 20 years, the 54-year-old Mr. Lapavitsas has taught economics at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Now, he is part of the cadre of academics-turned-politicians forging Syriza’s economic thinking." - 23/01/2015

Full-Time Whistle: Greek PM Samaras vows tax cuts as leftists hold poll lead -15/01/2015
"On Friday, parties unveiled their campaign lists, with the conservatives announcing that a former talkshow host, a model and an actor would be running as candidates. Syriza’s ticket includes academics based abroad including Costas Lapavitsas, an economics professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, who has become a prominent advocate of resolving Greece’s woes within the eurozone."

The Week - Syriza: the radical Greek left-wingers poised to take power - 07/01/2015
"Costas Lapavitsas, an economics professor at London's School of Oriental and African Studies believes the party's promises are naive and that its pledges are not possible within the confines of the union." 

Deutsche Welle: Impact of Japan's shrinking population 'already palpable'- 06/01/2015
"Social scientist Fabio Gygi talks to DW about what the decline means for the nation's economy and society as a whole."

The Guardian: Greece’s radical left could kill off austerity in the EU- 22/12/2014
"Syriza’s leadership does have its leftwing critics, though. Those on the party’s left look to the likes of Costas Lapavitsas, an economics professor at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, who believes its programme is impossible within the confines of monetary union."

Deutsche Welle: Bank of Japan upbeat despite challenges - 19/12/2014
"Abe campaigned under the slogan "This is the only way to economy recovery," and the Japanese public was ready to agree, said Kristin Surak, senior lecturer in Japanese Politics at SOAS, University of London."

Jacobin Magazine: The New Japanese Nationalism - 19/08/2014
Article by Dr Kristin Surak

Open Democracy: Abemaniac - 09/07/2014
Article by Dr Kristin Surak

Jewish Chronicle: How Jews Survived Japan
- 21/03/2014
Article written by Professor Colin Shindler