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Japan Forum is the official journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies. Its primary objective is to publish original research in the field of Japanese Studies, making available scholarship on Japan to an international readership of specialists and non-specialists. From 1996 Japan Forum has been published by Taylor and Francis, a major publisher in the area of Japanese Studies.

Japan Forum is multidisciplinary, publishing contributions from across the arts and humanities and social sciences. Articles range from archaeology, language, literature, philosophy and culture to history, economics, politics, international relations and law. Submissions from younger researchers as well as from established scholars are welcome, as are submissions that cross disciplinary boundaries or do not otherwise match the subject areas listed above. All submissions are independently refereed.

Latest Edition

Volume 28, 2016 - Issue 3
Mini Special Issue: Joining the World Powers

Articles include

  • Joining the world powers: Japan in the times of building alliances, 1897–1910
    Igor R. Saveliev, Francis Peddie, Petr E. Podalko & Sergey Tolstoguzov
  • ‘Weak ally’ or ‘strong enemy?’: Japan in the eyes of Russian diplomats and military agents, 1900-1907
    Petr E. Podalko
  • Russian–Japanese relations after the Russo-Japanese war in the context of world politics
    Sergey Tolstoguzov
  • ‘A question between empires’: the restriction of Japanese immigration in British Columbia and the reassessment of Japan's foreign policy, 1907–1908
    Igor R. Saveliev
  • The Welcome Asians: the Japanese in Mexico, 1897–1910
    Francis Peddie

Volume 29, 2016 - Issue 2

  • Children's rights in a risk society: the case of schooling in Japan
    Robert W. Aspinall
  • Different forces in one: the origin and development of organizational cultures in the Japanese Ground and Maritime Self-Defense Forces, 1950–present
    Natsuyo Ishibashi
  • Between self-promotion and cultural politics: Murakami Haruki's travelogues
    Rebecca Suter
  • In search of ‘history's flesh itself’: Nakano Shigeharu and literary imagination
    Yukiko Shigeto
  • Research article
    Japan's ikumen discourse: macro and micro perspectives on modern fatherhood
    Kosuke Mizukoshi, Florian Kohlbacher & Christoph Schimkowsky
  • Managing (Un)certainty in the Japanese antique art trade – how economic and social factors shape a market
    Harald Conrad

Volume 28, Issue 1, 2016
Special Issue: 'Children, Education, and Media in Japan and its Empire', Guest Editor: Peter Cave
Articles include

  • 'Introduction: children, education, and media in Japan and its empire', Peter Cave - pages 1-8
  • 'Story, song, and ceremony: shaping dispositions in Japanese elementary schools during Taisho and early Showa', Peter Cave - pages 9-31
  • 'Insularity and imperialism: the borders of the world in the Japanese and Taiwanese kokugo readers during the Taishō era', Irina Holca - pages 32-73
  • 'Boy meets world: the worldview of Shōnen kurabu in the 1930s', Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua -pages 74-98
  • 'Adventure stories and geographical imagination in Japanese and Korean children's magazines, 1925–1945', Hyunjung Han  - pages 99-120

Volume 27, Issue 4, 2015
Articles include

  • 'Refracted axis: Kitayama Jun'yū and writing a German Japan', Erin L. Brightwell - pages 431-453
  • 'Modernism, gender and consumer spectacle in 1920s’ Tokyo', Irena Hayter - pages 454-475
  • 'The post-Aum films of Kurosawa Kiyoshi', Marc Yamada - pages 476-497
  • 'Protecting people's livelihoods, restarting nuclear reactors: ‘risk recalibration’ in Prime Minister Noda's 8 June 2012 national address', Piers R. Williamson - pages 498-518
  • 'The forgotten success story: Japan and the methamphetamine problem', Bert Edstrom - pages 519-543 

Japan Forum Editorial Team

 Japan Forum Editorial Team
Japan Forum Editorial Team (from left: Griseldis, Helen, Christopher, Emily and Steve)

Four SOAS faculty members (Steve Dodd, Christopher Gerteis, Helen Macnaughtan and Griseldis Kirsch) took on the editorship of the highly prestigious journal Japan Forum for a three year period from September 2014 to September 2017.  Emily Chapman joined the team as Managing Editor.

Contact the team: