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The SOAS Occasional Translations in Japanese Studies is a multidisciplinary forum for disseminating scholarship on Japan not previously available in English. The series publishes translations of in-depth work from all disciplines as they relate to the study of Japan. All submissions are peer-reviewed by established scholars in the field.

The core set of translations for this series derive from an annual workshop convened at SOAS, funded by the Nippon Foundation,  with the aim of expanding the base of translated scholarly works on Japan while simultaneously increasing the number of young professionals skilled in translating Japanese language scholarship.

Representative of the wide range of scholarly disciplines focused on the field of Japanese Studies, the translations in this series are issued individually, as listed below, and can be downloaded through the links provided with each entry.

The series is published by the Japan Research Centre at SOAS, University of London and edited by Dr Jonathan Service. The series is supported by the staff of the Centres and Institutes Office and generous grants from the Nippon Foundation.

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1. On Bilateralism

Karatani Kōjin, translated by Asa Yoneda. 2012.

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2. Trade Union Policy After the Equal Employment Opportunity Law

Yamada Kazuyo, translated by Joanna Lingwood. 2012.

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3. Disabled War Veterans during the Allied Occupation of Japan

Fujiwara Tetsuya, translated by Ruselle Meade. 2012.

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4. The Logic and Ethics of an Intellectual

Komori Yōichi translated by Iztok Ilc. 2012.

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5. The ‘information city’ as management apparatus

Kashiwagi Hiroshi, translated by Lynsey Clark. 2013.

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6. The Dynamics of Melodrama: Shinpa

Kamiyama Akira, translated by Hisako Omori. 2014.

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7. In Search of the Listener: Mizumura Minae’s Shishōsetsu from left to right

Iida Yuko, translated by James Garza. 2017.

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8. License to Kill: The Meaning of ‘Massacre’ in Dawn of the Dead

Abe Kazushige, translated by Maria Roemer. 2018.

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