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Academy of Korean Studies Postgraduate Bursary Recipients

The following students have been awarded the Academy of Korean Studies Postgraduate Bursary.


  • Mary BRIGGS - MA Korean Studies
  • Jihyun SON - MA History of Art & Archaeology of East Asia
  • Valentina PELLIZZARO - MA History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia and Intensive Language (Korean)
  • Carrie MIDDLEDITCH - MA Korean Literature Full Time 1 Year 


  • Boram LEE - MA History of Art & Archaeology of East Asia
  • Vivian Evelina OEVARAAS - MA Korean Literature
  • Hye Jin JANE - MPhil/PhD Japan and Korea
  • Clare Hannah Mary RICHARDS - MA Korean Studies
  • Roxanne EDMUNDS - MA Korean Literature
  • Vivian LEE - Mphil/PhD Linguistics
  • Kun Hae KIM - MPhil/PhD Cultural Literary and Postcolonial Studies


Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis (MA Critical Media And Cultural Studies)

Cultural Identity, Representation and Audience Perceptions of South Korean Period Dramas set
between 1910 and 1945

My dissertation, under the supervision of Dr Jaeho Kang, looks specifically at how South Koreans have represented themselves and their cultural identity, as well as that of the Japanese, in period dramas that are set during between 1910 and 1945. The research focuses on how the perceptions and attitudes of international audiences towards South Korea and Japan are affected after watching these shows.


Min A Kim (MA Theory And Practice Of Translation)



Hyojin An
Hyojin An (MA Korean Studies)

Practical Error Classifications, Strategies and Exercises for KFL Learners: based on a self-study book, Speed Up Your Korean

My dissertation examines the classification of errors in KFL and strategies to avoid these errors. While traditional ways of error classification are also examined, it especially focuses on error classification introduced in a Korean self-study book, 'Speed Up Your Korean' written by Jae Hoon Yeon and Lucien Brown. The strategies the book uses to help learners avoid making those errors and perform better in Korean, as well as the exercises provided in the book to help the learners put the theory into practice are also examined.



Allan C Simpson
Allan C Simpson (MPhil/PhD Japan and Korea)

Locating a Queer Theory in the Context of Contemporary South Korean Literature (with
a focus on the novels of 김혜나 [Kim Hyena]

Allan's research looks at how the characters and plot devices created by the novelist 김혜나 queer notions of ‘traditional South Korea’ (namely, how they queer sexuality; family; hierarchy; and gender). 김혜나 has published three novels since 2010, and they form the foundation of Allan’s literary analysis. However, in the novel-specific Chapters of the project other South Korean queer works will also be explored. The project also importantly includes a detailed look at queer theory and its limitations, appropriations, and transformations in light of different West-South Korea relationships, making a distinction also between ‘LGBT’ and ‘queer’.

Ye Jin Kim
Ye Jin Kim (MPhil/PhD Japan and Korea)

Translation, National Ideology and Cold War in South Korea (1949-1950)

My research is aims to examine how translations in two magazines published between 1949 and 1950 contributed to the formation of the national ideology of Korea.  As an interdisciplinary project which combines Korean history, Korean language and translation theories, this project deals with how translations in two magazines published by a nationalized press and United States Information Service respectively reflected the cultural policies of each country.


(4 + reserves) in order of merit

  1. Giorgia GIULIANI (MA Korean Studies)
  2. Schulamit Johanna KRIENER (MA Korean Studies)
  3. Youngchan Justin CHOI (PhD Korean Studies)
  4. Patrick KILKELLY (MPhil/PhD Japan and Korea)


  • Mr Sigfrid OSTBERG (MA Korean Studies)
  • Mr Kilkelly PATRICK (MA Korean Studies)
  • Ms Christina SOK (MA History of Art)


  • Ms Kamila NIEKORANIEK (MPhil)


  • Ms Sophie BOWMAN
  • Ms Deborah SMITH 


  • Ms RADZIEJEWSKA-GOLLOB (MA in Korean Studies)
  • Ms Deborah SMITH (Mphil/PhD)


  • Mr Simon CHAN (MA Korean Studies)


  • Mr Uisung JUNG
  • Mr Mark PLAICE (MA in Korean Studies)


  • Emma Campbell (PhD)