SOAS University of London

Centre of Korean Studies

CKS (Centre of Korean Studies) Bursaries Recipients


Christopher DEACON
Christopher DEACON

MA Korean Studies and Intensive Language (Korean)
Working title of the project: Contrasting the South Korean and Japanese governments’ approaches and policies towards North Korea regarding the ‘abduction issue’.

Yasmin Elisha Michael
Yasmin Elisha MICHAEL

MA Korean Studies
Working title of the project: From Annexation to Demilitarisation: Spatial Theory and Korean Literature between 1910 and 1953

So Yoon Ryu
So Yoon RYU

MA Contemporary Art and Art Theory of Asia and Africa
Working title of the project: Looking in the Mirror of Theory: Reading Bahc Yiso’s Art Through His Theoretical Writings on Postmodernism

Natalia Matveeva

MPhil/Phd Japan and Korea
Working title of the project: Building a New World: North and South Korean economic and political development in the late 1950s-early 1960s in the context of the Cold War in East Asia.