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MA Korean Studies (Korean Literature pathway))


Aimee KING

MA Korean Studies


Yejin KIM

MPhil/PhD Japan and Korea



MA Korean Studies
Dissertation topic: Russia in South Korea's Energy Security Strategy

The dissertation looks at the cooperation in the field of energy between the two neighboring countries of Northeast Asia, Russia and South Korea. In the modern energy-intensive world energy security has become one of the most important aspects of energy policies, especially for the countries with insufficient domestic energy resources, like South Korea. The deepening of bilateral cooperation is beneficial both for Korea and Russia as it allows the countries to diversify their energy markets. However, despite the benefits, up until recently the process has been relatively slow. Using Korean and Russian, as well as English sources, the dissertation assesses the progress in bilateral energy cooperation, the problems it faces, and its prospects, taking into consideration the recent changes in geopolitical situation.


Allan C Simpson
Allan Christopher SIMPSON 

MA Korean Literature
Dissertation topic: Locating a Queer Theory in the Context of Contemporary South Korean Literature (with a focus on the novels of 김혜나 [Kim Hyena]

Allan is studying South Korean literature through a queer theorist lens. He is interested in South
Korean poetry, short stories, and novels since the 20th century that have come into queer question
and/or may be queered (verb). His previous projects included the poetry of the deceased 기형도 [Ki
Hyeongdo]; the pro-LGBT rights activism short story Flying in the Deep Night by 이은미 [Lee
Eunmi]; and the recent poetry of 황인찬 [Hwang Inch’an]. His interest in 기형도 is still very strong, in
particular the differing official (non-queer) and unofficial (queer) interpretations of his works.