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SOAS-AKS Working Papers in Korean Studies II

The SOAS-AKS Working Papers in Korean Studies (II) are an outlet for research-in-progress by European, Korean and Global scholarship. Open to a wide range of contributions in the field of Korean Studies, it is particularly aimed at the dissemination of research that has been conducted or presented under the auspices of the AKS Overseas Leading University programmes in Korean Studies.

The working papers in the series are issued individually, as listed below, and can be downloaded through the links provided with each entry

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46. Linguistic Representation of the Sewol Ferry Disaster: A Corpus-based Analysis of Headlines from Two Korean Newspapers

You-kyung Ju & Jaehoon Yeon. September 2015.

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45. Producing Political Landscape on the Korean Peninsula - Divided Visions, United Vista

Dr Robert Winstanley-Chesters & Ms Sherri L. Ter Molen. May 2015.

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44. ‘Kim Jong-un Syndrome’: North Korean Commemorative Culture and the Succession Process

Adam Cathcart. March 2015.

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43. An Analysis of the Text Structure of Cheonjugasa from a Linguistic Perspective

Wonhyong Cho. September 2014.

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42. Allusions and Citations in the Context of New Tendencies In Korean Vernacular Poetry of Late Chosŏn

Anastasia A. Guryeva. May 2014.

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41. Why is the ‘Lonely Saint’ so lonely in Korea’s Buddhist Monasteries?

Beatrix Mecsi. February 2014.

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40. The Course of Korean Historiography: from Orthodox to post-Altaic

Andrew Logie. September 2013.

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39. Building the Bridge to the Future: New Songdo City from a Critical Urbanism Perspective

Glen David Kuecker. June 2013.

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38. The Rhetorical Power of Neo-Liberalism and the Strengthening of the Korean State

David Hundt. February 2013.

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37. The Vacillation of Culture in Neoliberal South Korea

Kang Nae-hui. April 2012.

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36. After Two Decades: Korean Hip-hop and ‘Cultural Reterritorialization’

Hae-kyung Um. 2012.

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35. The Importance of Korean P’ansori for National Identity

Dorothea Suh. 2012.

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34. A Study of Ancient Lion Dances in East Asia

Jung Rock Seo. 2012.

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33. The K-Pop Boom in Taiwan

Sang-Yeon Sung. 2012.

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32. Songs in the Lives of Three Korean Survivors of the Japanese “Comfort Women”: Introducing Hearts of Pine

Joshua D. Pilzer. 2012.

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31. 1910-1911: Years that changed Seoul’s music

Sung-Hee Park. 2012.

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30. ‘Mourning Becomes Song’: Revisiting the Ritual Origin of Korean Vocal Music

Chan E. Park. 2012.

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29. Local Heroes

Simon Mills. 2012.

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28. Nationalism and the contemporary song genre of Kugak Kayo in South Korea

Hyunseok Kwon. 2012.

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27. Features of Korean Traditional Dance: Han and Shin Myŏng in the Salp’uri Dance

Kim Unmi. 2012.

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26 - Research on Samullori Education in Schools

In Suk Kim. 2012.

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25. The Tree of Yin and Yang: Analysis of Youngdong Kim’s ‘Manp’a shik chŏk’

Hyelim Kim. 2012.

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24. Contemporary Transformative Phases in Korean Dance

Chae-hyeon Kim. 2012.

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23. The Function of T'ŭrot'ŭ in Akkŭk

Jihae Gu. 2012.

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22. How did North Korean dance notation make its way to South Korea’s bastion of traditional arts

Keith Howard. 2012.

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21. Early Voices in SamulNori’s Historical Record

Nathan Hesselink. 2012.

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20 - Torn Between Two Lovers: The Task and Risk of Translating Korean Classical Literature into English

Hye-Joon Yoon. December 2011.

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19. Reviving The Confucian Spirit Of Ethical Practicality: Tasan’s Notions Of “Human Nature” (性) And “Heart-Mind” (心) And Its Political Implication

Daeyeol Kim. October 2011.

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